Finding The Gold

One of my favourite songs of all time is “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” from the movie “The Wizard of Oz”.

It has such a beautiful melody and it’s a lovely thought that somewhere, out there, over the rainbow there’s a perfect land where dreams come true.

Dreams do come true

I believe that we all have dreams and with God’s help, they can come true. However, many people live in such a way that they hate the way their life looks right now and believe that one day they’ll find that perfect, somewhere over the rainbow life. So their existence is just that; an existence that is fully of misery, discontentment and negativity.

We can so easily wish our present away while longing for a future that’s so distant. God has given you THIS moment, THIS season and whether it’s a tough and stormy season or one filled with calm and ease it’s yours. I can look back at the different seasons in my life and be thankful for them…and not just the easier ones!

Be determined

Those are amazing and such a blessing but the seasons which have been tough, stormy and downright challenging are the ones in which I’ve found gold. I have grown, learned such a lot and become a bigger person.

So be determined not to miss the gold in your life. Despite the circumstances of your life right now, find the gold.

I promise you it’s in there!