Invisible Me

There’s a game that my 5 year old, Jackson loves to play. He calls it “The Invisible Game”. I talk to him or ask him something and he says: “Mummy you can’t see me remember. I’m invisible!” I think we’ve all probably played that game during our childhood. Or maybe you’ve had one of those moments where you said the wrong thing or tripped over in the middle of the street and you just wished you were invisible! We’ve definitely all had those moments!

Does anyone see me?

But there’s a different kind of invisible and it’s not so fun. You may have been there too. You just feel like nobody really sees you. Everyone seems to get a break; except you. Everyone else seems to be making a success of their lives; except you. All the good stuff happens to your friends; or even those who aren’t really your friends and you’re still struggling with the same old situations. The worst part is that you feel invisible to God. You’re convinced that He sees and knows everyone’s else’s situation but you, well you’re invisible.

In Genesis 16 we learn about Hagar. She  was Sarah, Abram’s wife’s maid. As they didn’t have any children, Hagar bore a son for Abram and then the Bible says that Sarah despised her and was abusive to her. She made her life so miserable that Hagar ran away. She was wandering in the desert when an angel appeared to her and told her to go back. To go back to where she had come from and put up with the abuse.  That God was going to make a great nation from her son. Hagar replied “`You’re the God who sees me!” Hagar felt invisible but so clearly she was reminded that when she felt overlooked and rejected, God saw her! He cared enough to speak to her and reassure her. To give her direction and a promise for the future. That realisation changed her course and her destiny that day.

God sees you

Let me encourage you and reassure you. God sees you too. He sees everything you’re facing and going through. He sees your heartache, your struggles and your disappointment. He sees your loneliness and frustration. But He also sees your hopes and dreams. Those things hidden in your heart. He knows about them and He wants to reassure you. To give you direction and a promise for the future too.

No matter how you feel today, tomorrow or next week, remember that there is a God in heaven who loves you, believes in you and sees you. Don’t live feeling invisible. Live loved, cared for and very much...seen.